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Do not be afraid. Just have faith. Mark 5:36

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Here are some links we have used that you also may find of interest and help along your walk... in no particular or holy sequence.    It’s our parish’s website—take a look! The Seat of the Catholic Church  Jon Leonetti blog-- we could all learn something here!  Sonja Corbitt and her evangelista resources for the growth of our Catholic faith-go there now!  A great place for faith formation-resources aplenty!    The Word Among Us The Journey page... Scripture, daily meditations, links to even more great news, sites and information.   It's the home of the Catholic Encyclopedia... information, study, and additional links Find a word or two from Fr. Carmen Mele on Scripture readings from the Daily Mass. Jesuit meditation site CollaborativeMinistry/daily.html   Great site for meditation, prayer and daily Gospel reflection links to a number of additonal sites to find out even more about what it is about Catholicism.   ...that work and the circumstances of everyday life are occasions for growing closer to God... A daily devotional for the encouragement of the Christian walk From the British Jesuits, scripture, prayer and reflection in audio-download or listen at your computer. Way decent!  Daily devotional with scriptural references a lot more stuff here than we can tell you about here  If you haven't seen this, take a few minutes to do so.   Take a bite or a whole meal from this site of scripture reference.